About Turkey – An Invitation To Relax and Explore

Turkey is a paradise of sun, sea, mountains and lakes and offers a whole alternate from the pressure and routine of ordinary existence right here inside the UK. All year spherical, maximum places in Turkey have a perfect climate this is never too warm or bloodless, and is ideal for enjoyable on sandy beaches, playing walks within the tranquility of the mountains or experiencing the splendor of its lakes. Turkey has a marvelous past, and is complete of historical treasures from thirteen successive civilizations spanning 10,000 years. Even if you spend handiest a brief time there, you could see a number of Turkey’s terrific background. Turkey is a country for all seasons and every age. You can enjoy each of the four seasons on the equal day in a few elements of Turkey. During the spring months tourists bask within the glorious Mediterranean sunshine of the south, whilst on the lofty Taurus mountain tops at the back of, human beings are skiing. real estate in Istanbul

We locate, as soon as people have offered their dream home in Turkey, they go back time and time again to find out one extremely good vicinity after every other and to revel in the friendliness and hospitality of this brilliant u . S ..

Turkey is huge, about three and a half of times larger than the complete of the United Kingdom and in particular protected by using forests, agriculture and grasslands. Turkey is surrounded through sea on 3 aspects, the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. The coastline measures a staggering five,000 miles! The most easterly point of Turkey is almost the same distance from Istanbul as London is!

Istanbul is a twenty first Century City and Newsweek claimed it to be “one of the coolest towns in the world.” It is a beautiful and sundry city and maximum without a doubt worth a visit.

Some information about Turkey you in all likelihood didn’t understand

Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World stood in Turkey. They are the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus in Bodrum.

Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus as we recognize him) was born and lived in Demre (Myra) at the southern Mediterranean coast. The village consists of the famous church of St Nicholas, which homes the sarcophagus believed to be his tomb.

The first guy ever to fly was Turkish. Using two wings, Hezarfan Ahmet Celebi flew from the Galata Tower over the Bosphorus to land in Uskudar within the seventeenth Century.

Mount Ararat (maximum mountain in Turkey at about 17,000 ft) is in which many archaeologists and Biblical pupils agree with Noah’s Ark came to rest.

The famous Trojan War took place in Western Turkey, around the web page where a wood statue of the Trojan horse stands these days.
Julius Caesar, upon defeating the Pontus in Turkey, issued his celebrated proclamation, Veni, Vidi, Vici (“I got here, I saw, I conquered”)

Tradition has it that St. John added the Virgin Mary to Ephesus after the loss of life of Jesus Christ. Both St. Paul and St. John preached in Ephesus.

Turkey is a land full of historical treasures from 13 successive civilizations spanning 10,000 years.
Turkey is the birthplace of many ancient figures and legends: The poet Homer, King Midas, Heredotus (the father of records), and St Paul the Apostle. The incredible poet Homer become born in Izmir at the Aegean coast of Turkey.

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